Points of departure event


A journey setting out from the Wilhelminapier, taking you to (dreamed) destinations. Let the wind guide you through a series of proposals for public installations, directly linked to the history of Rotterdam’s most iconic wharf. Showcasing a sound-walk, video installations and mobile audio work made by The Patching Zone.

The port of Wilhelminapier was the departure point for thousands of migrants leaving Europe to start a new life in America. For about a hundred years, people left their homes and their families from this pier, setting off into the unknown. Today, the Wilhelminapier represents cosmopolitan life and is often used as a symbol of Rotterdam’s forward-looking spirit.

The Patching Zone has been working with students from Zadkine College to explore the history and the context of the Wilhelminapier to design and create installations for the public space. Together they have collectively designed a series of prototypes and developed projects to engage visitors with the story of the Wilhelminapier. All the prototypes reflect an ongoing enquiry into designing for public space using digital or interactive technology.

POINTS OF DEPARTURE is an event that showcases the result of this enquiry. The prototypes connect archive material, present-day audio and images of horizons with the sensory element of wind, that is so prominent on the Wilhelminapier. A wind sensor is installed to broadcast collected experiences of travel and migration. The installations explore what migration and travelling feels like in contemporary society. How are people travelling in today’s global context and what are they leaving behind in order to do so?

These works are the results of an assignment given by the Cultural Partners on the Wilhelminapier and are a work in progress: they should be seen as proposals for future installations on the pier.

Anne Nigten (Director of The Patching Zone)
Sebastien Seynaeve
Max Dovey
Javier Lloret
Marjolein van der Meer

With special thanks to:
David Jonas and Kristina Andersen
for their help and supervision
Open Beelden mediaplatform
by Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
Bart Koppe
Ron de Klein
Odilia Arlaud
Dineke Keemink
Martin Taminiau
Wilco Tuinman
Alyssa Bol
Sofia Niergarth
Elleke Hageman (wind sculpture)
Michaela Lakova
students of ZADKINE
students of OCAD U
all the interviewees
Celina Yavelow (graphic design)